Saturday, 7 November 2015

2.5% Retinol Serum - skincare just got simple

I was sent the InstaNatural 2.5% Retinol Serum to try out and write an honest review alongside the moisturiser that complements it - and I must say I am really impressed with this little bottle! Again 5 stars alongside the Retinol Moisturiser which I have also put to the test.

This serum smells heavenly - it smells like fresh oranges and transports you to sunnier climes just by using it. I've been using it every morning for the last month before my moisturiser and replacing my normal serum and the effect it has had on my skin is very good I must say. My skin definitely looks brighter and it does seem to tighten things up a bit too. It quickly works on my skin in terms of absorption but it does tingle a bit when you first apply it - though this quickly disappears.

The dropper means you deliver exactly the right amount to cover your face each day and there is a good month's worth in the bottle (which gives you 1 fluid oz). I simply drop the required amount into the palm of my hand then massage it all over my face with my (clean) fingertips. Because it seems to be absorbed so quickly I can immediately move on to applying moisturiser which is a bonus on busy mornings.

The ingredients are as follows -

2.5% Retinol
20% Vitamin C
10% Hyaluronic Acid

The last two ingredients really help stop your skin from drying out and I found really helped with going from cold damp atmospheres to central heating and the London Underground which all play havoc with my skin. You do need to be aware that Retinol can interfer with your skin's ability to defend itself against sunlight so they do recommend using a sunscreen alongside Retinol products if you go in the sun - not something that is particularly relevant at this time of year I must say!

All in all a great product at a great price which I will purchase again when I run out!

Amazon have InstaNatural 2.5% Retinol Serum on sale at the moment at £21.95 instead of £41.95 so at this very good price is worth a try.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Advanced Action Retinol Moisturizer Review - Vitamin C for your skin

I love this InstaNatural Retinol Moisturiser which I was sent to review. Okay so the packaging isn't beautiful to look at - if you like beautiful jars for your creams to sit in pride of place on your bathroom shelf then you may be disappointed - but I actually think it's the product that's of importance and this is a good product in packaging that, although sturdy, is very functional. It delivers the right amount due to it's pump action so you don't overuse and there is no waste.

It's a simple, white cream and I found it easily absorbed into my skin. I have been using it for the last month and we have had a wide variety of weather conditions - from balmy 20 degrees to nearly freezing and my skin is affected by the cold and damp so needs extra love at this time of year. I found this moisturiser had just enough barrier to keep my skin hydrated (even on the London Underground) without feeling 'sticky'. I can't say that my skin is any less lined (does it ever look less lined even with really expensive brands?) but it does look great - people say I look really well and my skin is glowing.

I also think this is breast cancer treatment friendly -  I am always on the lookout for brands that are gentle, not overly chemical, not overly fragranced and are simple, and this one fits the bill. I have been using it in conjunction with the InstaNatural Retinol Serum instead of my usual serum and my skin feels very fresh with using both products.

I haven't had a spot outbreak since using and my pores look fine too - it seems to have closed one deep pore I had on my forehead which is a real bonus as it was quite obvious. It contains no fragrance which I like - here are the ingredients for quick reference -

2.5% Retinol
Vitamin C
Hyaluronic Acid
Jojoba Oil
Shea Butter
Green Tea

Apparently Retinol can increase your sensitivity to sunlight so they do recommend you use a sunscreen in conjunction with this product on days of sunshine - I started using this at the beginning of October so it hasn't really been an issue.

Altogether a great moisturiser at a great price - the size of product is fantastic too, a 100ml bottle is rare and mine is still going strong after a month of almost constant use.

The InstaNatural Retinol Moisuriser is on sale on Amazon at the moment for £19.95 instead of £39.95 so pick up a bargain today!

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Seacreme skincare to help aid the skin's natural healing process

I really love the sound of these products and will be ordering some when I run out of my usual moisturiser - and they have a great story too. Infused with sea mineral fragrance and sea salt, Seacreme products work with the skin's natural healing process.

The revolutionary new range of day and night creams has been developed by Seacreme founder Jane Healy, who drew her inspiration from the organic power of the ocean. Now an entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Jane's journey to the launch of Seacreme has been a challenging one. At the age of nine, she suffered life-threatening third-degree burns following an accident with a methylated spirit stove, in which 75% of her body was burned.

During her long journey to recovery, Jane discovered the healing properties of the sea. Unable to find a cream that could replicate these rejuvenating powers, Jane has worked with her daughter Laura to create the Seacreme range, which offers the ultimate in hydration and refreshment for all skin types.

Perfect as a base for makeup, these easily absorbed creams will become an essential and simple part of your daily beauty routine. There are lots of different products to choose from and prices seem quite reasonable at £21 for a skincream.

You can buy Seacreme products at

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

It's been a while (again) - but we got in a trip to West Yorkshire!

So life took over again. Nothing bad just the normal stuff. Tag end of summer to enjoy some trips, delivering a child back to uni, a wedding - the usual stuff. Oh and work and housework and starting to think about Christmas....

When did life get to speed up like this? Like a roller-coaster with no brakes or a bull in the proverbial china shop (with associated damage) my life seems to just whizz along with no time to pause and think. Which is probably a good thing all in all.

So some highlights for you.

We took youngest girl for her fourth year at Sheffield Hallam and snuck in a cheeky weekend with friends in Yorkshire. We had discovered, earlier in the year, a fab B&B which was both affordable, in some great countryside and had all the little extras that made it more of a country hotel experience than a B&B. The Manor Cullingworth is in the middle of a fairly new estate of houses but is a wonderful old house with shed-loads of charm and character. The bedrooms are comfortably furnished with fine bedlinens and all have beautiful marble bathrooms.

 I can safely say that the breakfast was one of the best we have had anywhere - and that includes the Savoy! Everything that goes into making a great British cooked breakfast is on offer - eggs (done any way you like), tasty local sausages, lean flavoursome bacon, beans, toast, coffee - or even smoked salmon were on offer alongside fresh fruit (and not just boring apple or the tinned stuff either) and great coffee. All from £70 per night per couple - your money definitely goes further in Yorkshire!

This is also a brilliant base to explore the countryside and we decided to walk from Cullingworth into Haworth which is home to the Bronte museum and is where they filmed The Railway Children. You head off out of the estate and cross the viaduct and you're suddenly in the most beautiful countryside. Here is the viaduct to give you an idea.

Your walk takes you through woods, alongside rocky outcrops, across fields and you get to walk a bit of the moors before finally you are within striking distance of Howarth itself.

The parsonage where the Bronte sisters grew up with their brother and father is as far as you can go in the village and backs on to the moors. You can feel the atmosphere even on a sunny day - which it was on this visit. You can feel the isolation they must have felt, the small original village although now surrounded by modern houses, must have clung on in splendid isolation through the long dark winter's up there - no wonder their books are so bleak!

I simply love it here. You can forget your worries on the moors and of course there is always a local hostelry on hand that serves superb local beers to keep you going!

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