Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A weekend at the Edinburgh Fringe

So once again the call to go to the Edinburgh Fringe was just too much and we booked a flat near the centre and a train from Kings Cross and within 6 hours found ourselves on the Royal Mile! A first for us was booking via AirBnB. Having heard so much from so many people about how absolutely brilliant it is we decided to take a chance and really weren't disappointed. Not only was the flat we had chosen beautiful (high ceilings, comfy beds, well equipped kitchen) it was within walking distance of the University of Edinburgh and all the major sites. Clean, welcoming and also really good value for Edinburgh in August I would highly recommend a search of Airbnb wherever you decide to go - you don't know what you'll find!

Anyway back to Edinburgh. Last year I wrote loads about what I saw and what it was like - and really it is the same every year. Colder than London, wet at times but also there is always something new to experience just around the corner. And Edinburgh itself is the most fantastic city if you've never been. Gothic at times, beautiful but hard, and yes reminiscent of Hogwart's (well J K Rowling did write her first book in a cafe here) it is a city on so many levels both architecturally and culturally. Wide city streets with roadside cafes are in abundance, but so are underground clubs and dark pubs - all life is here.

Here is a selection of photos from our weekend for everyone to enjoy. Maybe I'll see some of you on the Royal Mile next year?

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Orofluido - hair oil that shines

I have dry and dyed hair. I do get complements on it from strangers not for the quality and shine but because of my 'Cruella DeVille' streak which is helped along by a willing hairdresser. I would love people to say something about shine (how vain am I but my hair has always been my best asset). So I put Orofluido to the test and it really does give you a veil of shine even on dyed white hair. I was really impressed as it doesn't weigh down your hair, or make it oily, it just gives it shine.

So what makes Orofluido so special?

They have gone back over the centuries to our ancestors for their inspiration. The Berber women of Morocco still use Argan Oil, the ancient Egyptians used a treatment based on Cyperus Oil and also Linseed Oil. So there's an awful lot of heritage and wisdom behind the make-up of this new hair product as all three of these natural oils are used. The scent is lovely too - with bergamot, amber, vanilla and patchouli with a bit of cyclamen thrown in. I tested out the Shine Spray but there are there are lots of other products in the range from a hairspray to shampoo and deep mask conditioner. Check them out and let the shine in!

Orofluido Shine Spray, £, 11.90, Feel Unique.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Beautiful and fascinating - Zadar in Croatia captured our hearts

Everyone talks about Dubrovnik (as I will be doing in another blog post) but there are so many other places of equal beauty in Croatia and for some reason Zadar, I don't feel, is really given enough of a push by the Croatian Tourist Office, which is a real shame and people are missing out!

It has had a chequered history due to being a powerbase for the Yugoslav army during the recent war and was bombed. So it is very varied in it's architecture from the hyper-modern to the Roman. The sunsets in the bay have to be as beautiful as you will find on the face of the planet and were Orson Welles' favourite.

Sea-Organ (photo from Zadar Tourist Board site)

We headed down to the seafront for sunset and to experience the music created by the infamous Sea Organ, an artwork played by the sea waves and which fills your ears with random notes a bit like a sea creature for the very deep. After nightfall a second art installation comes to life through solar panels and lights which 'play' random sequences of colour as you walk across it. Or sit, lie, stand - whatever takes your fancy.

So it's a city with a modern heart and an ancient port. The old town actually sits on an 'island' which you get to via a footbridge and walking through the city gates you are instantly transported back to ancient times. Roman's used to sell their wares in the same market space that is used today and their architecture and buildings are everywhere. But unlike other places this is a highly modern city (it was heavily shelled) with modern buildings and a modern outlook. Being so close to Split and cheaply reached by Easyjet I would say this is a brilliant and different location for a long weekend for those wanting something out of the ordinary. I shall definitely be going again!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Rest in Peace Lauren Bacall - a true star

Photo: AllStar/Warner Bros/Sportsphoto
The Big Sleep movie
Ah a true star is now in the sky. Lauren Bacall with husband Humphrey Bogart in The Big Sleep.
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